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Thank you for coming to the website of The Met Lounge Peterborough ! - hopefully by pressing the right buttons above you'll go to where you wanna be - if its not working for you then send us an email with your questions and we'll try to answer ASAP!

History wise The Met Lounge opened 6 years ago and since then has strived to become an essential part of the live music scene across the country promoting bands of all genres - some succesfully,some not so succesfully! - we also run 2 club sessions each week along with regular one off events.

The gig listings has been updated with all the confirmed shows at the club being listed along with relevant ticket details etc.

Tickets for all the shows at The Met can be purchased during normal opening hours from the club (ie at night!)

For credit card bookings please call ICT on 01733 571616 - there's normally a 50p /tkt 'booking fee' to cover credit card commision and postage on the transcation and they take VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX/DELTA & SOLO

Use the main navigation above to get to any of the main sections, or the buttons at the bottom of the page for a few little extras. New map and Band links recently added.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE KEPT UPTO DATE WITH FORTHCOMING EVENTS/GIGS AT THE CLUB Please send an email to with the words ' MET LOUNGE UPDATES PLEASE' in the subject line and we'll do our best to keep you updated.If you require discounted entry tickets for any of our club sessions please send your requirements through - we can't promise anything but we'll try to make you an offer you can't refuse! Email: f or any further information.

also- THE MET LOUNGE is looking to recruit its own team of 'Street teamers' who are willing to help out with the promotion of gigs at the club. We need people who are wiling to take flyers & posters around record/clothes shop OUT of Peterborough - people who are willing to stand in the centre of their town giving away flyers for shows to music fans - basically people who can get the details of gigs at The Met into places that we dont know /are not aware of!. As with all street teams the monies crap (ie Zilch!)but you'll get free tickets for the shows at The Met andchance to meet your favourite bands if they're playing here. - Interested?- please email through with details about yourself / where you live / where you think you could help out to - putting 'Met Street Team' in the subject line

BANDS looking for shows at The Met Lounge should send demos and letter to Met Lounge,PO Box 338,Peterborough,PE 4 7AG. Please note that we do require bands to have a fan base that they can bring with them to a show. - for more information please email to us and we will gladly give you all the information you need with regards to getting a show at The Met.



- LIVE GIGS - see 'GIGS for more details - all coming to The Met Lounge Peterborough Army Of Freshmen / Wheatus / VooDoo Glowskulls / Sonic Boom Six / Failsafe / Jack Penate / Ocean Colour Scene at The Cresset/ The Smyths and more - check the gigs page for more details!

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